Udruga Transakcijske Analize


Svjetska konferencija transakcijske analize u Berlinu - 2017.

Berlin: The place where famous people expressed their emotions towards this outstanding metropolis and their inhabitants: John F. Kennedy who said „Ich bin ein Berliner!“ Berlin: the place where peace and war were close neighbours – it is the place where people know what boundaries mean – limits, challenges and chances.

More than 25 years they were faced with the wall, the fact of people being shot when they wanted to be free – the threat of the cold war – and they experienced the support of many people all over the world.

We can now celebrate more than 25 years of the fall of the wall – and we are faced with the challenges of a world in which rich and poor people get more and more separated, where places to meet are often virtual, where identity and the search for it is hard work: being safe in managing the uncertainty and to support people in gaining this competency is our challenge.

  • How do Transactional Analysts respond to these challenges and take social responsibility?
  • What are our answers, ways and perspectives we can offer?
  • How can we use our theory and practice to build a safe basis?
  • In which areas TA is recognised – in which not?
  • In which areas do we consider it as important to be recognised in the future?
  • Limits and borders between fields, essential, hard, flexible…?
  • What does it mean identity as a transactional analyst?

Berlin is a place where boundaries or borders played a vital role in history – as a limitation and as a protection.  Creating, maintaining and finally opening a border is part of the history and the memory of the city. What are the meaning of borders and boundaries to us? How do boundaries help us to define our identity and contrast ourselves to others or establishing contact to others? Is it possible to define identity without borders – by crossing borders?

More questions than answers so far…

Transactional Analysts might contribute to find answers – as individuals and as communities. We invite you to meet and to express your enthusiasm for TA and excitement about Transactional Analysis in the world.

Welcome to Berlin!

More on: https://tawc2017.berlin/en/